Personalising the Learning Experience, Enhancing Learner Performance and Increasing Retention Through Learning Analytics

The inaugural Learning Analytics 2018, the only dedicated event on the topic in Australia has been established to address what has been touted as 'the most important educational movement in the last 100 years' (Siemens, 2011). Approximately 90% of the data we have access to today was generated in the last two years. With more data points than ever - educational institutions now have access to an abundance of information which can aid in shaping the learning experience around the student.

Learning Analytics offers the potential to predict a learners experience, providing a personalised learning experience, increase retention rates, boost cost efficiency and improve curriculum design. In order to realise these benefits, universities also need to address data privacy concerns, effectively using data to motivate students and how to reintegrate data from multiple silos.

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Attend Learning Analytics 2018 to learn about:

Using learning analytics to understand student behaviour and cognitive processes

Employing analytics to improve syllabus design and attract course funding

Streamlining back end data access points to achieve standardised reporting and meaningful insights

Increasing retention by offering a personalised learning and feedback experience and allowing for early intervention

Why you must attend


The only dedicated Learning Analytics conference in Australia


16 expert speaker panel from Australia’s top learning institutions as well as leading international keynote speaker


Sessions on topics such as; centralized facilities, integrated platforms and cultural shifts towards open spaces


10 case studies including Murdoch University, University of Edinburgh, University of New South Wales


Co-located with Online and E-Learning 2017 focused on Enhancing Student Experience and Engagement through Digital and Mobile Technologies

Who will you meet?

  •  Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence
  •  Heads of Online, eLearning, Blended
  •  Heads of Teaching and Learning
  •  Heads of Learning Futures, Learning Innovation, Learning Transformation
  •  Deans and Associate Deans
  •  DVC and PVC’s of Teaching and Learning
  •  Heads of Retention
  •  Academics and Professors
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